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why PressPoint?

Build Relationships Get Press

"PressPoint is hands down the most powerful press generating solution around!"
-Casey Mruk, Even Director @ TechDay

Proprietary Search

Quickly identify journalists, bloggers and influencers currently covering your industry and your competitors. PressPoint is the only platform that allows you to search for journalists based on content they are producing, NOT based on a bio in a database written by a kid in a call center halfway around the world.

Search for journalists and bloggers based on the news articles and blogs they are writing. Search for influencers based on twitter and Facebook data - tweets, posts, shares, likes, followers and Klout score.


PressPoint's proprietary search is powered by a mind boggling amount of data. Everyday PressPoint adds over 1 BILLION news articles, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts, written in every language on earth.

We estimate PressPoint has access to over 95% of all news articles, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts across the entire internet within five days of being published.

Personalization with automation

Make journalists feel as if they are your one and only. Create templates with "placeholders" that can be populated with information directly from a journalist's profile (such as a link to an article they have recently written). Schedule emails to launch at the appropriate time in the future and automatically follow up with all the journalists that do not reply.

PressPoint will also ensure the relationships you are building with your journalists, bloggers and influencers never slip through the cracks. We will automatically call out anyone you have not been in contact with over the past 30/60/90 days.

Strategy & Best Practices

All clients have access to PressPoint's kick-ass press inspiring Knowledge Base. We have you covered with quick tips, do's and don'ts, best practices, video tutorials, sample pitches and more!

PressPoint is here for one reason - to get you press coverage. We provide you the most efficient and least expensive path to generating quality, consistent press coverage - Guaranteed!

Guaranteed Press Coverage

PressPoint works so well we guarantee you will generate press coverage within three months or we will give you all of your money back.

PressPoint is hands down the most powerful press generating platform in the industry, and we provide all clients with strategies and best practices to maximize your press generating potential. As a result, you must actually use the PressPoint platform and follow our recommendations to qualify for this money back guarantee.

Month To Month

All PressPoint services are available on a month to month basis. No long term contracts. Cancel at any time!

PressPoint is here for the long run. We are a profitable company reinvesting in its own growth while disrupting the entire PR industry. We want to work with organizations that are able to profit from PressPoint's services. If the time comes where you no longer need press coverage, no worries, you can easily cancel in the Settings section of your account.

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