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Quality Consistent Press Coverage


Unparalleled Data

This is not your grandfather's database. PressPoint is powered by billions of news articles, blogs, tweets and facebook posts, daily.

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Streamlined Workflows

Quickly identify, pitch and follow up with journalists, bloggers and influencers currently covering your industry (and your competitors).

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You will generate press coverage using PressPoint - or we will give you your money back. You will also own the relationships with these journalists!

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PressPoint is a game changing, Press Generating -aka PR - solution. The PressPoint platform allows you to quickly identify journalists, bloggers and influencers already covering your industry and competitors. Build targeted contact lists, pitch and automatically follow up with the journalists most likely to cover your and your company!

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the PressPoint Platform

One platform to power your entire mission to generate quality, consistent press coverage. Seamlessly search, pitch and maintain relationships.

Our investment in PR has now yielded over 500,000,000 page views for AirHelp in less than one year.

Operating in 18 countries makes press very challenging, with goPRit I have found a tool that gives me the transparency and scale I haven't found elsewhere.

Trust me, you want to follow their "PR Success Strategy" - it works. We have become a press generating machine!

Nicolas Michaelsen, Co-founder @ AirHelp

frequently asked questions

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What makes PressPoint different from other PR services?

PressPoint proprietary search functionality provides you access to journalists, bloggers and influencers actively covering your industry and your competitors. We are the only service in the industry that relies on the articles, blogs, tweets and facebook posts to identify the journalists you should be pitching, NOT a bio in a database written by a kid in a call center halfway around the world.

In addition to PressPoint's superior search functionality, we allow you to link your email account so that all emails are delivered directly from you - without any mention of PressPoint anywhere in the email (if you use Gmail or Outlook the emails will literally be in your sent folder). Furthermore, PressPoint's campaign functionality allows you automatically follow up with only the journalists that did not respond to your previous email (the ones that do respond you will engage with directly from your inbox).

How big is your database? How many journalists do you have?

We chuckle every time we hear this question... Asking how many journalists we have in our database is like asking, "How many pages do you have in your phone book?" This was a relevant question in 1980! PressPoint provides you access to tens of millions of journalists, bloggers and influencers actively covering your industry and competitors.

PressPoint invests in data, web crawlers and exclusive content subscriptions to ensure we providing you access to the folks statistically most likely to be interested in hearing from you and covering your story. We strategically stay away from having to keep databases and bios updated by humans in call centers halfway around the world.

Can I check out a demo of the PressPoint platform?

Yes! You actually have two options...

1) Click here to register for one of our live demos, typically hosted by our Founder and CEO - Ryan Garman. These demos are live and interactive (you will not be muted - unless you put yourself on mute). Feel free to ask questions, talk through real world scenarios and ask for his recommendations.

2) Click here to view a quick 2.5 minute overview of the PressPoint platform.